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ION stocked at Apple store!

Posted on 22 March 2010 by Vikram

It is a dream come true for us. Like the saying “Patience is bitter, but reaps the sweetest fruit”, our wait and perseverance has paid us off! It took us about 2 years before we could be stocked in a big retail chain.

The Story behind the Ion:

The company I worked for earlier gave away ipods to employees on becoming a CMM L5 company and I was urged to build my own charger for it. Little did I know then that a weekend project would one day become utility to so many people. The initial product looked like this.

We then conceptualized the idea, bettered the design, optimized the circuits and today Ion is the smallest USB charger available.

We started selling IONs mostly online and in a few small stores in Bangalore (Channel 9, Jayanagar). We have done everything from talking to retailers in Mumbai to meeting distributors in Bangalore. We have been through the long process of vendor registration and have tried to negotiate channeling costs. There were times when nothing was moving except for our online sales. It was quite amazing how people all around India have found us and bought the charges. This is the biggest motivation that kept our spirits high.

Yes after all the follow-ups and loads of patience we will finally be stocked at all the Apple Stores in India. This is huge morale boost before we launch our next product shortly.

The biggest learning for us is that, the pricing of the product is very important for the retailing and distribution channels. The price point of a product is very sensitive and market driven. If you are an established brand, you can dictate the pricing as your volumes are high. On being a startup the story is a little different. If the product is new in the market, the distributors demand more. If the product has competition then it is mostly a volume game (low margin high volume) which makes it difficult for a startup to handle without being funded.

All in all, we are really thrilled to have the product available at the Apple store (Imagine store) shortly. Now customers can easily buy the ION at their favorite Apple store!

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