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Posted on 14 July 2010 by Vikram

With lot of questions on what features we would have in the future, we thought it will be a good idea to show a sneak peek of the future features  to our users. The following features will be rolled out one by one…

Notice the following:

  1. There are 3 more tabs that will come up; Dashboard, Planning and Events.
  2. Settings button on the top right (next to log off) will contain all the user profile (change password, etc)
  3. Notice the “Edit” next to Category-wise spending -> this will help you edit and change your categories.
  4. Notice the Expense Graph -> this will give you an overview of your expense
  5. Reminders -> will help you pay your bills on time.
  6. All the expense that are shared now will show up under “Who Owes me?” on the right. This will also have your “Reimbursement” expenses.
  7. You can search by category, amount and also by different clients (website, mobile, TECI hardware).
  8. Planning will contain different goals that will help you plan your future.
  9. Events will be of two types, Shared and non shared. A shared event can be with friends, non shared event is your personal group expenditure.
  10. Lastly the Dashboard will have overview of your income, expense, savings per month and some more graphs.

The reason we went live without completing all these features, is to learn and put the right features that users want. In the past 2 days we have already learnt a few more things from the users and have made notes of them. Please continue give us feedback on bugs as well as new features that you would like to have.

Couple of words on the TECI hardware:

The hardware device(TECI) has many advantages. It is the fastest way to make note of your expenditure and forget about it. The hardware remembers the date and time when the expense was made and you will be able to enter which category the expense belongs to.

It is a bi-directional device, i.e. when you sync with  your account, information from the website is transferred to the device and vice versa. Once our event feature is completed, let us say you add a new Event Eg: Goa trip with 5 friends. Once you create an event on the web and sync TECI, the TECI will show the event “Goa Trip” and also the names of all 5 friends. During the trip you can enter everyones expense and also their shares. Once you sync back, the system will inform everyone about the bill settlements.

So we are really excited to bring all these features! Hope you like them. Do follow our blog for more updates.

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