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Add I Owe

Posted on 29 March 2011 by Vikram

This feature has been requested by our users and we are very happy to bring this live to you. Yes, you can now keep track of the money you owe someone else.

Just click on “Add” under your I owe block in your Track Every Coin account.

Select the person from your contact list, enter the amount, description and category and save it. This will get listed under your “I Owe” block.

I Owe works in two ways

  1. When you add an I owe yourself.
  2. When your contact adds an expense against you.

Both this expense against a person will be added up and shown at once.

Complete I Owe:

This is also a new feature we have added. When you click on the tick mark of an I owe, you now have the option of adding it to your expense or just marking it as completed.

When you add it to your expense, all the list of expenses that you owe someone will be added in your expense grid one by one.

Take a case study of 2 roommates. When they share expenses against each other, expenses are shown in their respective I Owes. When they add it to their expense, the whole list is also added to their expense grid along with the categories.

This helps you capture all your expenses!


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Adding colors to Mobile Access

Posted on 21 March 2011 by Vikram

The sprit of Holi this time gave us new ideas to work on our mobile access site. We have updated the following things on our mobile access site:

  • Added colors for better look and feel
  • Added expense and income grid for a quick overview
  • Bottom navigation to navigate between different screens

So how do you access this?

From any phone, open an internet browser (Eg: opera mini, native browsers) and


Hope you enjoy this. Feel free to provide us feedback on the same.

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Export to pdf

Posted on 17 March 2011 by Vikram

You can now download your financial report by clicking on the download report icon in your Track Every Coin account.

You can download the report for any date range. The report consists of the following:

  • Summary for the selected date range
  • Category wise expense and income distribution
  • Who owes you, and your I Owes
  • The complete expense and income data for the selected date range.

You can also search by description or category and generate report for it.

Eg: Search for all your tax saving expenses, generate a report and submit it to your Auditor.

You can also generate report for a selected date range. Eg: If you are on a business trip, you can select your date range of the trip and generate report accordingly.

Do comment about this feature.


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Mobile application for Track Every Coin

Posted on 15 March 2011 by Roopa

Track Every Coin’s mobile application for Nokia phones is now live. Click here to download the app from Nokia OVI store.

This is only our step 1 in the mobile app space.

This application will currently work on all S60 phones with 240×320 resolution. We will shortly roll out for other resolutions.


We will also develop applications for other phones in the future (Android, i-phone, Blackberry, etc).

If you have an i-phone, an android or a blackberry, for now – you can always access Track Every Coin by visiting “” from your mobile’s browser.

So what is the advantage of a mobile application?

  • You can add an expense on the go.
  • You do not need internet access on the mobile all the time.
  • You can sync your data to your account on the web at your convenience.

Go ahead and download the application and let your friends know about it!

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