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Export to pdf

Posted on 17 March 2011 by Vikram

You can now download your financial report by clicking on the download report icon in your Track Every Coin account.

You can download the report for any date range. The report consists of the following:

  • Summary for the selected date range
  • Category wise expense and income distribution
  • Who owes you, and your I Owes
  • The complete expense and income data for the selected date range.

You can also search by description or category and generate report for it.

Eg: Search for all your tax saving expenses, generate a report and submit it to your Auditor.

You can also generate report for a selected date range. Eg: If you are on a business trip, you can select your date range of the trip and generate report accordingly.

Do comment about this feature.



  • At 2012.07.27 11:32, Hunor said:

    is there an easy way to export the data into CSV or excel?

    • At 2012.08.04 14:39, Vikram said:

      We currently do not have any way to export to CSV or excel. We will add this in future.

      Thanks for your request.

      • At 2013.05.28 02:33, Alex said:

        Excellent tool, the best expense manager! Please add CSV export as soon as possible.

        • At 2013.05.28 03:43, Vikram said:

          Thanks Alex for your appreciation. We are working on CSV export.

    • At 2012.09.18 03:28, Sat said:


      the TEC is so good and thanks. can u get me solve on this in “TEC”.
      i like to filter the expense listing as soon as i click the pie chart, eg., if i want to view the exp. of food for month, we have to type in the search column… to make more comfortable it would be easy if you give us an option to show particular exp. as soon as we click on the appropriate category wise spending in the pie chart. hope u got my saying 🙂

      • At 2012.10.09 13:36, Vikram said:

        Thanks for the feedback. It means a lot to us. Your feedback is great and we have noted this down. We will implement this in future.

      • At 2013.02.09 06:35, peggy cruickshankn said:

        sorry- please tell me where I see the print option … cannot locate it in my file.

        • At 2013.02.11 14:47, Vikram said:

          Thanks for contacting us.

          Download of report is available only one the web login. Please login at Track Every Coin and goto expense tab or income tab. Select your date range click on “Go”. After this click on “Download report” to download the selected date range report.

          Hope this helps.

        • At 2013.08.15 07:17, Sudhir said:

          Hi Vikram, Thanks for this online tool. I have been using another mobile software that works excellently. I would like to know if I can import the details (in excel or CSV format)from that software to TEC?

          • At 2013.09.02 02:50, Vikram said:

            Hi Sudhir,

            Thanks for contacting us. We currently do not have the import from excel. We will be implementing both import and export to excel going forward.

            Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

          • At 2013.08.30 18:58, Amal Dominic said:

            Excellent tool and it is a great thing that u made this software free, it would be better if we could export the report to MS Excel or CSV

            • At 2013.09.02 02:45, Vikram said:

              Thanks for your feedback. Export to excel is in our roadmap and we will be implementing it in the future.

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