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More updates on mobile access

Posted on 23 May 2011 by Vikram

Continuing our update from the mobile framework, Track Every Coin’s mobile website ( now has the following updates:

In short, all the features available on the trackeverycoin website currently is now made available for your mobile!

1. Reminders

Add a reminder on the go from you cell phone. You remember something, add it quickly onto your account. This can be a bill payment / insurance payment or even birthday reminders! Track Every Coin will send you a recurring/ a non recurring reminder email when it is due.

You can also mark your reminder as paid or add it to expense.

Marking it ‘as paid’ will remove the reminder from the list but will not add it to the expense grid. On the other hand, ‘add to expense’ will mark the reminder as paid and will add it to the expense grid.

2. Who owes me

View all the expenses others owe you. We have added this on the mobile access as it makes it easy to see how much your friend owes you when you meet him!

After the settlement, you can mark them as money received.

3. I Owe

We have also added “I Owe” for mobile access. Expenses shared against you or in case you want to make a note of your ‘I Owes’, you can do the same!

We hope you enjoy these new features. Please feel free to share your comments / send us your feedback.


  • At 2013.04.05 10:29, Pavan said:

    Hi ….

    May i know if its possible to edit the records in “I OWE” and “WHO OWES ME”?
    As if i pay back some of the money, but not completely.. I have to edit and update it… Please help

    • At 2013.06.08 02:02, Vikram said:

      Yes. Both these can be done on the website. To edit an I Owe on the web, mouse hover on the I owe and click on edit.

      To edit a who owes me on the website, just edit the corresponding expense and save it.

      We currently do not support partial payments. We have noted down this feature and will implement in future.

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