Desktop App Made FREE!

Posted on 09 January 2012 by Vikram

You read right! We at Ionlab have decided to makeΒ the desktop app FREE for all our TrackEveryCoin customers starting today.

What is a Desktop App you ask?

Please go through our earlier post on Desktop App to learn what it is all about and how it can help you.

How Do I download and Install the Desktop App?

You can now download the desktop app for TrackEveryCoin for free by following the following simple steps

Please go to our website –

Click on the “Get Desktop App” button on the screen to notice a pop up window and then click on the “Install Now” button and follow the instructions to install the desktop application on your computer.

Note: The desktop application is a one way sync, all your data on the desktop application is backed up on your web account. But the data on your web account is not transferred back to the desktop application!

Hope you enjoy using the desktop-app!



  • At 2012.01.09 23:09, Arif said:

    Nice, simple and user friendly. Good Job Done. Keep it up.

    Will the following missing Features be available soon or are not part of the plan πŸ™‚
    “I Owe”
    PDF Report


    • At 2012.01.10 09:52, Vikram said:

      Hey Arif,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Adding to I Owe, Contacts (editing and deleting) and PDF report will be a web only feature.

      You can always log on to the website and generate report as all your data can be transferred to the website.

      Secondly for Contacts, when you share an expense with someone, the name is automatically added into contacts. If it is an existing contact, make sure you spell the name right.

    • At 2012.01.09 23:17, Arif said:

      “Split” not working.

      • At 2012.01.10 09:54, Vikram said:

        Split bill is functional. Let us know the problem you are facing.

        If you share it with a new user, email address is not updated on the web. Please make sure you add the contact on the web and use the same name to split bills. Our system will send out an email to that person.

      • At 2012.01.12 14:04, Akshay Majithia said:

        Awesome job guys… Really appreciate the efforts you guys are putting in. Just started using the website this month and am already able to manage my expenses better.
        A quick question though… Can you please develop and publish a full scale App for Android? I am using the link at the moment which takes me to the website but I would surely love to see a full app for this awesome tool.


        • At 2012.01.12 17:17, Vikram said:

          Thanks for your kind words.

          Android app is on the cards. You will hear more about it soon πŸ™‚

        • At 2012.01.18 15:25, Dheeraj said:

          Great job guys, looking forward for a Android App.

          • At 2012.02.04 14:37, Vikram said:

            Thanks…. we will keep you posted! For now do use the mobile site.

          • At 2012.02.03 00:59, Venkatesh said:

            this is coooooooooooooooooooooooooolest expense tracker ever… thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu πŸ˜€

            • At 2012.02.04 14:37, Vikram said:

              Thanks πŸ™‚ This means a lot to us πŸ™‚

            • At 2012.02.07 14:46, Kranthi said:


              Really this is awesome and you guys must be appreciated.

              I have some suggestions.

              In the application we are able to add categories for income/exp.
              But it would be more helpful if we can have sub categories.

              Existing: Expenses – Food
              Proposing: Expenses – Food-Grocery
              Expenses – Food-Junk Food

              Existing: Shopping – Person1
              Shopping – Person2

              Also I Owe/Who Owe option has to separately other than sharing expenses.

              So that we can maintain record for debts and Along with Income, expense head we should have savings head also.

              Thanks again.

              • At 2012.04.01 16:38, Vikram said:

                Thanks for the feedback and appreciation. It means a lot to us.

                We have noted all your comments down to our product road map. We will implement them in future.

              • At 2012.02.09 07:34, Swaroop said:

                Hello Vikram,
                Thanks for the free Desktop app. But I installed everything it prompted me for and then it doesn’t go ahead of the login screen. What do you think might be the reason?

                • At 2012.05.05 23:10, Sam said:

                  hi, i have the same problem with mobile appp, it doesnot go beyond login page, it just comes back no matter how many times i enter the credentials

                  • At 2012.05.31 18:58, Vikram said:

                    For Mobile app, do try it using opera browser in case you are on Nokia. It is known that our mobile platform doesnt render too well on Nokia browsers. Let us know if this works.

                  • At 2012.05.31 19:06, Vikram said:

                    Hmmm… not too sure why this has happened. Internet connectivity is one of the things that I would check on. Do try it on a different machine and see if it works.

                  • At 2012.02.09 11:40, Vijay said:

                    Hi Vikram,
                    I just downloaded and the app seems to be great… will provide more feedback on it as I observe…
                    On that note, it doesn’t has a minimize button, im an IT guy myself, love to keep the apps minimized rather than closing a lot of them πŸ™‚ would be a good addition for users like me πŸ˜›


                    • At 2013.09.03 03:25, Vikram said:

                      Thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚

                    • At 2012.04.05 13:26, STC Technologies said:

                      I am a lover of TrackEveryCoin apps.

                      • At 2012.04.05 17:47, Vikram said:

                        Thanks πŸ™‚

                      • At 2012.04.08 14:49, pavan said:

                        Hi Vikram,
                        I downloaded the app and installed it. After 2days it is not working and i reinstalled the app and adobe air also. my expense details were updated in website but am not able to sync my previous expenses in the desktop app.
                        One more requirement is place daily also under frequency so that daily expenses can also be tracked easily.

                        • At 2012.04.13 09:40, Vikram said:

                          Thanks for contacting us. Currently our desktop application is a one way sync. We are currently working on making it a dual sync, i.e. expense from the website will also show up on the desktop application.

                          Secondly thanks for the feedback. We will add “Daily” as a part of expense and income frequency.

                        • At 2012.08.07 19:06, Lynel said:

                          The Desktop App is great and very convenient. Would appreciate 2 minor additions though – minimize & minimize to task bar. Nice to keep the app always running!

                          Other than that, fantastic job! And looking forward to dual sync capabilities.

                          • At 2012.08.10 19:37, Roopa Chadaga said:

                            Thanks for your feedback Lynel, we will incorporate the same in the future and glad to learn that you are finding the desktop app useful. Please keep your feedback coming.

                            • At 2012.08.28 22:01, Samuel said:

                              I need to know some information. I don’t know, its there already, and may be I don’t know where to click.
                              If not, take this as my suggestions.
                              1). I share many bills with my friend, and he settles back, a part of it (say $250), but he owes me $1000. How to feed this information?
                              2). Category wise budgeting: Last month my food expense is $500, and entertainment $400. How to set my food budget to $800 and and entertainment to $200. If I am approaching limit, I need a warning,(say warning at $600 on my food expense).
                              3). How to View list of all food expenses details I did this month. and also like all transactions I did with a particular friend.
                              4). If I am away, my friend adds so many bills on my, and finally I am confused. Can I have “accept” button for things he raised on me?
                              5). If by mistake, I ticked one of my friend owe me button, how can I get it back..?
                              6). If my friend borrows me some money, how to feed this..?
                              7).If a restarent bill comes with waiter’s tips say $20, how to share among all..?
                              8). My friend made a bill against me. we talked and clarified about settleing. Can I comment on his link, so that he and me can remember, even if we had some doubts later..?

                              I am really glad if u update all these feature…
                              I hope it also helps you.

                              • At 2012.09.02 10:21, Vikram said:

                                Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate it. See my comments below point wise:

                                1. Partial payment is still now possible in our system. Many customers have requested this feature and we have noted this down as a part of our roadmap.

                                2. We currently do not have category wise budgeting. Again we have noted this down for future.

                                3. All the food can be searched for, for a selected month in the search field you can type any category or description name and all food expenses will be listed with the total.

                                Listing all transactions with a friend is not possible yet. This is a very nice feedback and we will consider it.

                                4. Again, we dont have this feature yet. The reason we have not added this is because user might be spammed with too many emails and accept options. Nevertheless, if you mouse over on the I Owe, you will see the list of things with descriptions of what your friend has added and when. (Hope that helps)

                                5. Currently there is no way to get this back. We will add a conformation to this.

                                6. This can be done by clicking on the “Add” button on I Owe tab. You can feed in what you owe.

                                7. Not sure if I follow this completely. Did you want to share only the tip or the whole amount? If it is the whole amount then it is similar to sharing any expense. (Can you give us an example on this)

                                8. Nice feature suggestion. We plan to add notes on all expenses going forward.

                                Once again, thanks so much for your feedback. It helps us a lot.

                                We plan to implement most of these features going forward.

                              • At 2012.08.30 22:07, Siva said:

                                I am using windows Vista. I tried to download the desktop app. It asked for the download of adobe air. But I have adobe air already in my laptop. I tried with both “Yes” and “No” options. It did not work.

                              • At 2012.09.12 16:24, Rohan said:

                                I am not able to download desktop version. I liked the web version very much. Can you please help me in this ?

                                • At 2012.10.09 13:34, Vikram said:

                                  Looks like sometimes the file is not downloaded from the homepage. See if you can download by clicking here

                                • At 2012.10.06 21:49, Annie said:

                                  cant insall the desktop application at all. Please assist.

                                  • At 2012.10.09 13:38, Vikram said:

                                    There seems to be an issue with Adobe’s application loader on some browsers. Please download by clicking here

                                    • At 2013.01.08 15:56, Bevie said:

                                      Hi Vikram. Tried this link, but says that the file is damaged. Help, please?

                                      • At 2013.01.25 11:48, Vikram said:

                                        The file is 2.9MB make sure you have the file completely downloaded. We just tested the installation file and it seems ok. Anyways do use our website directly Track Every Coin as we have more features on the web now.

                                  • At 2012.10.31 06:04, santhosh said:

                                    I cant able to login desktop apps.. i am using windows xp, pls help me.

                                  • At 2012.11.05 19:29, Mak said:

                                    I was waiting for these sorts of software or apps for long, finally I got it. Thanks to u guys.I also agree with the suggestions that samuels made and I do have few suggestions of my own, that is-
                                    1. I use cash and credit card both as payment option while expending. So it would be better if u add another option like payment method (cash/card/different online payment) while adding an expense.
                                    2. We all keep some cash in our wallet and some other in Bank accounts from our income, so a wallet option can be useful here. This option may track the cash flow from the bank account to any expenses through the wallet and also we can find out the cash remain in my wallet and the balance of the bank account at the end of the day. This option may help us to track every single expense even if we forget to enter some by cross checking every debit,credit and balance .
                                    Again thank you guys for such a great effort.

                                    • At 2012.11.12 23:34, Vikram said:

                                      Hi Mak,

                                      Thanks for your feedback. We have noted down both your points and we will further analyze it for the product.

                                      Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.


                                    • At 2012.11.08 22:01, RON said:

                                      A very nice program altogether.
                                      Just wish to say that the one way sync is problematic.
                                      That is, as soon as you update the info using the web application and that info is not being synced back to the desktop application, that desktop application’s info becomes incorrect/incomplete.
                                      In my opinion, if a two way sync cannot be done, there is no point in sync at all. Just a thought.
                                      Otherwise, I am pleased with the functionality and the visual appearance of the program.

                                      • At 2012.11.12 23:37, Vikram said:

                                        Thanks a lot for your feedback Ron. We plan to make the desktop application a two way sync in future. We agree that it is incomplete without a two way sync.

                                        Once again, we are very happy that you like our product. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

                                      • At 2012.11.10 02:36, Suki T said:

                                        Hello. I have not been able to sync for a long time. It gets to 70% and stops, then giving me an alert, saying: Synchronization was not completed. Please try again.


                                        • At 2012.11.13 01:11, Vikram said:

                                          Please send us an email : contact[at] with your login credentials. We can investigate further.

                                        • At 2013.02.11 13:45, Onyeh said:

                                          This is really awesome and I love it. I tried many other similar programs, but TEC is the best so far. Thanks guys πŸ™‚

                                          I do have a problem, I downloaded the desktop app and try to sync it with the web but it stop at 10%, I waited for hours but it doesn’t seem to move. Can you please help me with this?


                                          • At 2013.06.08 01:37, Vikram said:

                                            Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to us.

                                            Unfortunately we are slowly phasing out our desktop application as we have now implemented lot more features on our website like events.

                                            We encourage all our users to use the website and mobile apps.

                                          • At 2013.07.23 19:15, Amal said:

                                            i am not able to access my desktop app(online version if workng). whenever i try to log in it is showing a message “client with name already exists”.

                                            • At 2013.09.03 03:28, Vikram said:

                                              If you have installed the application again, all you have to do is choose a new name for nick name. You will not be able to repeat the old names.

                                              On another note, we are currently encouraging users to use the website directly instead of the desktop application.

                                              The website has a lot more features that are not present on the desktop application.

                                            • At 2013.11.06 16:58, Shijauddin said:

                                              bhai , mast hai yar, simple yet Zhakas, sahi app banaya he aapne,
                                              Aur kuch hai kya, specially school ke liye,

                                              • At 2013.11.07 02:33, Vikram said:

                                                Thanks for your feedback. Please try to use the website directly for better features.

                                              • At 2013.11.26 06:30, Janak said:


                                                Looks like there is some problem with the graphs on the website. After the Y axis being converted into ‘000s the graphs seem to have disappeared. Not sure the reason why!


                                                Janak Thaker

                                                • At 2014.02.09 23:56, Vikram said:

                                                  Let us know which browser you are using. We recommend using mozilla firefox or google chrome.

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