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Track Every Coin in your very own Language!

Posted on 16 July 2012 by Roopa

We, at Ionlab have been left humbled to learn that our Track Every Coin customer base spans across 43 countries as of today and is increasing steadily!

We cannot thank our users enough for the invaluable feedback and appreciation we have been receiving on a continuous basis. It not only helps us shape the product better but also reassures that we have touched lives of tens of thousands of people across the globe! This focus has been the linchpin since the inception of Ionlab 🙂

We learnt that, when a lot of customers entered categories and description in their native language, their account got locked as the application could not recognize characters other than English. This led us to enable multilingual feature to support all our customers and the discovery of the widespread of TrackEveryCoin usage.


So here it is folks, you can now enter categories, expense/income descriptions, contact names etc  in your own language!

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