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Posted on 09 October 2012 by Vikram

We are happy to announce the update of our Track Every Coin‘s Android application. We have enhanced the user experience with this application. It now loads faster and is easier to use when you are on the move.

So all the existing and new users can download the app for free from the below link:

Android app on Google Play

If you have a QR Scanner, you can also scan the below code with your mobile to download the application.


Hope you enjoy this enhanced application!


  • At 2012.11.23 06:34, Jeff G said:

    Hello, was hoping to use your service as a nonprofit expense and income tracker but am experiencing problems.

    1) The contact us form is not working. I keep getting error messages.

    2) I signed up for your website. I am looking for both an app and website to track expenses, income, and get a report where the balance is listed. I do not need to use it as a budget service.

    I signed up for your service hoping this was the solution but when I download the PDF report it only mentions budget (along with other unnecessary details) and does not list the balance.

    Is there a way to make this more custom for my needs?


    • At 2012.11.25 19:54, Vikram said:

      Thanks for getting in touch with us via the blog and the tip that our contact form was not working.

      We have now fixed the contact form.

      We currently do not have a way to customize these reports. Do email us a format that you are looking for. We can optimize our current report to best match your needs.

      Lastly in the current report, the “Savings” is your balance for the selected date range of the report. Let us know if this helps.

      • At 2012.11.26 01:59, Jeff G said:

        Hi Vikram,

        Thanks for the reply. As a nonprofit leader and podcast host I am always on the lookout for tech that will help people. Your service stands out as perhaps the only expense tracker available for free both online and on an app. There are other free apps but with no accompanying website and vice versa.

        I urge your team to look at http://www.fyimobileware.com/ixpenseit.php – they limit themselves to only being an iTunes available app. However they have the most user-friendly tools and formatting.

        TEC is close to matching ixpenseit in usefulness but it not quite there.

        I think it would be a benefit to your team and users to accommodate that some users just want an expense tracker – not budgeting options.

        Additionally, it would be helpful to see a prominently displayed Balance notice on every page.

        TEC appears to be positioned to become the leading expense tracker / budget watcher. I am not sure if you’re a for-profit or nonprofit business but you have a great product and have the potential to do very well with it.

        I hope you’ll consider my improvement suggestions moving forward. For further feedback I can be reached at jeff @ jeff4justice .com

        I wish TEC all the best.


        • At 2012.11.26 02:00, Jeff G said:

          I forgot to add that sub-categories are a big help too.

          • At 2012.11.27 03:28, Vikram said:

            Thanks Jeff. We will consider all your feedback. They is quite valuable.

            Do take a look at the brand new feature launched today: http://blog.ionlab.in/2012/11/events-expense-grouping-made-easy/

            Hope you enjoy this.

            • At 2012.11.27 18:08, Jeff G said:

              Nice feature.

              Thanks for hearing my feedback. I look forward to seeing how TEC continues to improve and progress.


      • At 2012.12.26 11:35, Prasad said:


        Does android version allow to add expenses on the go. I tried but it looks like you need to be connected to enter details. Wish it this allows to enter offline and sync when connected.


        • At 2013.01.07 10:26, Vikram said:

          Hi Prasad,

          Thanks for your input. Unfortunately our app is not an offline application. You need to be connected.

          Yes you can add expenses on the go as long as you have connectivity.

          Advantage of our current system is any new updates we release, you will not have to update your application. You will immediately start seeing the new features.

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