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Adding Expense to Event from Mobile

Posted on 22 January 2013 by Vikram

You now have the convenience of adding expenses to an event on the go. Once you have an event created on, the same event gets synced to the mobile to which you can then add the expenses to.

Here is an example..

Let us say you have a travel planned. First visit, login and go to the Events tab.

Click on “Add event”, select your desired currency and a name for the event and save it.

add event

Now when you login to Track Every Coin on the mobile, the newly created Event will appear. On trying to add an expense on your mobile, when you click on “Add Expense” you will notice a new field called “Expense Type”. By default ‘Regular Expense’ is selected.  Regular expenses are those that are not a part of any event.

Add regular expense

To add an expense to an event, tap on the drop down of expense type and select the desired event. Enter the expense and click on save. This will save the expense under this event.
Add event expense

The same appears under the expense tab of  the mobile. When you select the expense tab, there is a new field called “Expenses From”. Select the event name to display all expenses from an event.

Expense tab

Hope you are enjoying using our Events feature. We will love to hear to your feedback about the feature.




  • At 2013.08.13 13:14, Anh Tuấn said:

    Update site’s interface please! I’m come from Vietnam and very interesting with your website but it’s too slow.

    Please update simpler interface if you can. Thanks!

    • At 2013.09.02 02:54, Vikram said:

      Thanks for contacting us. Let us know if you are finding the mobile site or the main website slow. Our mobile site is the simpler version of the main site.

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