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Track Every Coin gets Mobile Access for all phones!

Posted on 25 January 2011 by Vikram

TEC Mobile access

The long awaited mobile access for Track Every Coin is done. It doesn’t matter which mobile phone you have. Right from a Nokia, i-Phone, Android, Sony, Micromax to an I-Pad, you can now access your Track Every Coin account on your mobile device by just visiting

Here is what you will see…
  • Login screen
  • Summary page to display your income, expense, budget and savings
  • Add an expense or an income on the go

Mobile login screenMobile summary screen

You can click on “Remember me” on the login screen, so that next time you will be taken to the summary screen directly (saves time when you are in a hurry).

Just click on “Add Expense” or “Add Income” and save the corresponding expense / income.

Successfully added expense

We have kept the UI very simple so that you can enter expense on the go at a lighting speed.

Going forward we will be adding more and more features for the mobile access like sharing expense on the mobile, adding contacts on the mobile site etc. Keep an eye out for it and do give us your feedback.

Go ahead and bookmark “” on your mobile devices and create shortcuts on your home screen (i-phone and android phones) so that you can access Track Every Coin at a flash.

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Social Networking of Money!

Posted on 01 January 2011 by Vikram

With the start of a new year we are happy to announce our most exciting feature called the “Social Networking of Money”.

So what do we mean by social networking of money?

Imagine you go out with your friends and share some drinks. One person pays for it and others are to pay back later. We have all been there, done that – it gets increasingly harder to followup with friends on the money they owe you. Here is how Track Every Coin makes it simple for you and your friend…

Step 1:

After you login to your account, click on “Contacts” tab on the right corner of the screen (just below today’s date)

Step 2:

In the contacts tab, add your contact by adding his/her name and email address…

On clicking “Add”, the system will add your friend and send an invite automatically if the “Send an invite” is selected.

After adding your friend, he/she is added to your contacts list…

The “invite” button on the grid disappears after your friend has accepted the invitation. If your contact has not accepted the invite yet, you can send a reminder by clicking on the “Invite” button.

Step 3:

Upon adding someone in your network, you can quickly share expense against them…

After you share the expense, an email is automatically sent out to the person you shared the expense with. The expense shows up under his/her “I Owe” block and you can track it under your “Who owes me” block.

Who owes me

This networking feature is a hassle free way of sharing expenses with friends.

So now with Track Every Coin, you can not only track your own expenses but also split bills with friends.

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Track Every Coin – Poster

Posted on 19 October 2010 by Vikram

We designed a poster for Track Every Coin. You can now find this in Calypso – Jayanagar, Channel 9 (both branches) – Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Feel free to download the poster from here. Do share this with your friends so that they are benefited out of TECI too.

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TECI Featured on Technology Review Magazine

Posted on 14 October 2010 by Vikram

We are happy share that Track Every Coin has been featured on Technology review magazine.

Technology review magazine is a Cyber media publications, and is MIT’s magazine for innovation.

Here is the scan copy of the article:

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International Currency selection & Email bills to friends

Posted on 24 September 2010 by Vikram

Here are the latest updates on Track Every Coin:

You can now select different currency under settings. This will update your account with the selected currency.

You can invite your friends in other countries and they can benefit out of Track Every Coin.

Secondly you can have a quick review of your “Who owes me”. Just keep your mouse pointer on the person who owes you, can be individual or company reimbursement it shows the list of shared expense:

You can also email this to your friends / company for reimbursements. Just click on the email icon on their name:

Now it is so much easier to keep track of bills and company reimbursements.

Visit and see these new features.

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Track Every Coin – on News 9

Posted on 11 August 2010 by Vikram

We are happy to share our interview on News 9.

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Posted on 29 July 2010 by Vikram

We are happy to release the following features for Track Every Coin

1. Mouse hover on the settings, logoff and sync devices are enabled.

2. Settings overlay is implemented. You can now update your user profile and change your password.

3. Inline edit of descriptions in the expense grid is functional. Now when you sync your TECI, it is very easy to fill descriptions!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Track Every Coin goes Live!

Posted on 12 July 2010 by Roopa

Folks, we are overwhelmed to announce that Track Every Coin has gone live on 12th July 2010!

Who is it for?

Track Every Coin is a personal finance product for anyone who finds a need to get organized with their money and analyze their financials.

We have identified two unique needs of our customers. The first kind of users are those who prefer TECI – a small electronic gadget and the second kind are those who have a smart phone for whom we have built a mobile application that can be downloaded from the ovi store. The mobile app is in its final leg of completion and will be launched shortly.

How does it work?

Track Every Coin comes with TECI, the desktop uploader and a website.

  • TECI is a small electronic device handy to capture the expenses incurred on the go and can be bought online right away!
  • The desktop uploader is used to sync these entries from the TECI to the website via USB.
  • The website ( is to analyze income, expenses and savings.

More More, we want More!

We’ll be continuously adding new features to the website and device, so stay tuned to this blog.

It has been a long journey to get to this point. We thank everyone for your support and appreciate for being patient. We have launched the alpha version of the website. So in case you encounter any issues, please let us know.

We will be more than happy to receive your feedback about track every coin.

Get your TECI now and sign up for free at

And yes … Now Never Lose Track of your Money!

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ION stocked at Apple store!

Posted on 22 March 2010 by Vikram

It is a dream come true for us. Like the saying “Patience is bitter, but reaps the sweetest fruit”, our wait and perseverance has paid us off! It took us about 2 years before we could be stocked in a big retail chain.

The Story behind the Ion:

The company I worked for earlier gave away ipods to employees on becoming a CMM L5 company and I was urged to build my own charger for it. Little did I know then that a weekend project would one day become utility to so many people. The initial product looked like this.

We then conceptualized the idea, bettered the design, optimized the circuits and today Ion is the smallest USB charger available.

We started selling IONs mostly online and in a few small stores in Bangalore (Channel 9, Jayanagar). We have done everything from talking to retailers in Mumbai to meeting distributors in Bangalore. We have been through the long process of vendor registration and have tried to negotiate channeling costs. There were times when nothing was moving except for our online sales. It was quite amazing how people all around India have found us and bought the charges. This is the biggest motivation that kept our spirits high.

Yes after all the follow-ups and loads of patience we will finally be stocked at all the Apple Stores in India. This is huge morale boost before we launch our next product shortly.

The biggest learning for us is that, the pricing of the product is very important for the retailing and distribution channels. The price point of a product is very sensitive and market driven. If you are an established brand, you can dictate the pricing as your volumes are high. On being a startup the story is a little different. If the product is new in the market, the distributors demand more. If the product has competition then it is mostly a volume game (low margin high volume) which makes it difficult for a startup to handle without being funded.

All in all, we are really thrilled to have the product available at the Apple store (Imagine store) shortly. Now customers can easily buy the ION at their favorite Apple store!

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Manufacturing of Track Every Coin

Posted on 09 January 2010 by Vikram

We have completed the manufacturing of our PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). We are working with our partner Micron EMS, who are into Electronic Manufacturing Services. The process of putting the components together is fascinating. We thought we will show you the process.

Here is a small video showing how the components are placed together…

All components are surface mounted and some of them are as small as 1.00 mm by 0.5 mm. The robot picks up the components and places them at the right place and it does it with great precision.

After all the components are placed they are soldered using a wave soldering machine. Here are the PCBs placed after soldering.

After soldering of the components these PCBs will be tested and assembled.

Hope you enjoyed watching the video. We thought it was quite cool.

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Joining the dots

Posted on 30 December 2009 by Roopa

I believe that building a product is like building your dream home. You take atmost care in laying out the essentials, chalking out the must-haves, drawing the blue print of the architecture, bricking the house to designing the interiors that makes a cozy home.

Similarly, at IONLAB, we have made sure Track Every Coin is on par with any internationally acclaimed consumer electronic goods and has features that cater to the needs of all of us. Despite the delays and little setbacks we have now been able to put two and two together. We present you the final prototype of our much anticipated hardware device – Track Every Coin, nicknamed TECI 🙂

With the holiday season kicking in, this is normally the time you get to spend some time with your family reflecting on the good moments of 2009. We decided to retrospect and bring to you the highlights at Ionlab and the making of TrackEveryCoin, a project we have put our hearts and souls into.

January 2009: Prototype breadboards were converted to PCB designs

February 2009: Researched and begun sourcing components from various suppliers (LCD, Micro-controller, USB etc) from Singapore, China and India

March 2009: Changed LCD module to work at low voltage, Started talks with manufacturers, CAD designing, and completed Low level drivers for the hardware.

April 2009: New hardware version released (low power micro controller), Ported low level drivers for the new micro controller, Started design work on website.

May 2009: Sourcing of hardware components, Hardware design frozen for CAD designs, Trackeverycoin pre-launch website, website launched.

June 2009: Local source for LCD modules found, Identified manufacturing service, Base design for mobile application.

July 2009: PCB design for production complete, Placed production order for microcontroller and other components.

August 2009: Application software testing on production hardware, base version of CAD design ready. Website architecture design in place.

September 2009: PCB fabrication complete, received the first plastic prototype, testing different versions of mobile application.

October 2009: Identified packaging people, button sticker people, Microcontroller and other components arrives, second and third prototype of plastics arrives, Front end UI of website frozen, Mobile navigation simplified.

Noverber 2009: Application software bug fixes, Manufacturing plant software released, Desktop software (used to upload hardware data to website) is complete (testing in progress). Completed user manual for hardware.

December 2009: Integration of website backend and frontend started, Received the final prototype (shown above), we are tooling ready, Mobile application testing in progress, Desktop software released.

Next couple of milestones:

  • Production of hardware
  • Tooling of device and production
  • Packaging
  • Mobile application launch
  • Alpha/beta testing of website
  • Launch of hardware

Much appreciate your comments and feedback! A fantastic 2010 to all of you. Thank you for following our blog and cheering us thru 2009.

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Coming soon… our new product TrackEveryCoin

Posted on 21 May 2009 by Vikram

Amazon conducted a poll just before the start of the year 2009 asking people on what are their New Year Resolutions. The [top two resolutions]( were (1) Lose Weight and (2) Get Your Finances in Order.

What is strange is that you and I would think these are [solved problems](, right? But yet these are the top resolutions for the new year!

We all know how to lose weight – eat less and exercise more. [But it requires discipline]( We all know how to get our finances in order – spend less and earn more. But it requires discipline.

Our vision for the [“Track Every Coin” system]( that we are building is to exactly help you do this – to help you spend less, save more, and in the process help you get your personal finances in order.

## So what is the problem again?

We tried out many personal finance websites and software existing in the market, and we faced the same issue again and again – they are either cumbersome or are afterthoughts.

Most of the software that we tried out did not make it easy to make entries such as expenses and made it a boring chore. And yet, this is the starting point to use all their features.

The ones that work automatically with your bank account are afterthoughts – they are good for overviews and for viewing graphs at the end of the month, but do not help in actively managing your money at all.

So we started adding in our own ideas on what we would want to use.

## So what is the product?

It consists of two parts:

* The active agent where you make your entries – which is either a hardware device or a mobile phone application, based on your preference.
* The hardware device is for those who like to have a cool-looking gadget to carry around, and want to make entries within 10 seconds.
* The mobile phone application is for those who have GPRS connections on their mobile phones.
* The data analyzer – which is a website where you get to slice and dice your data.

__I like to think of it as analogous to the “iPod-iTunes” combination – the iPod was designed to do one thing well: play music, and it left the complicated parts of managing music to the iTunes software. We intend to achieve the same effect for personal finance. This is our unique twist.__

TrackEveryCoin - How It Works

## Features

At its core, the system is an expense tracking system, simply because that is the [first step that every personal finance writer recommends]( If you don’t know where the money is going, you won’t know how to manage it.

The logic is simple : [We need data to improve](, whether it is the school score cards for your kids or the mileage for your car or statistics for your favorite cricketers. We bring over the same facility to you for your money!

Now, how is this different from a spreadsheet? Well, the data collection mechanism, obviously, and lots of features, but most of all – this is a specific system that helps you with so many aspects:

1. Expenses
* Know what you are spending on – categorize, tag and add notes to your expenditure
1. Reimbursements
* Know how much money you have to get back from your company – save time wasted in filing expense reports
1. Income
* Plan your money – How much money from your income is budgeted for expenditure and how much money goes to savings and goals
* Never forget to pay your bills on time again – Reminders will be automatically be saved as expenses
1. Goals
* Buy that thing you really want – Save money every month towards your goal, whether it is downpayment for a car or that big trip you’ve been dreaming of
1. Budgets
* Never overspend again – Set limits on how much you want to spend and you will be reminded every time you are about to spend
1. Sharing
* Never worry again about splitting bills – Keep running counts of expenses shared with your roommate or when you go for dinner with friends, and settle easily
1. Events and Trips
* Know how much an occasion will cost you – Stay within your trip budget, know how much a weekend trip will cost you, know how much transportation accounts towards your trips, and more.
1. Graphs
* Analyze where your money is going – Know if you are spending more on fuel, if you are spending too less on your hobbies, or how much money you need on an average day.

__To know more, visit our product website [](

_We aim to launch the product in July 2009._ [Sign up now]( at the website to get special offers when we launch!

We’ll be writing more about how we have designed and built TrackEveryCoin on this blog. We look forward to your feedback either here on this blog or [via email](

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The new ION packaging!

Posted on 21 April 2009 by Vikram

Today is the second birthday of our [ION USB Charger]( and we are happy to announce that it is now available in a new and improved packaging!

We needed some improvements to our packaging because:

1. Our previous packaging did not have the product visible.
2. The packaging needs to have a hook so it can be hung – that is how all accessories are placed in a retail store these days.
3. We had room for improvement on the look of the box.

The new packages arrived in a box:

The packaging has arrived

And we soon formed an assembly line. I removed the ions from the previous packaging:

Taking out the old packaging

Vikram filtered out the new packages, including rejecting any damaged ones:

Clean 'em up

Varun folded the boxes and put the new ions in them:

Varun putting the ions in the new packages

It doesn’t sound glamorous, isn’t prestigious to talk about, but it sure was a lot fun and exciting. That’s what startups are about!

Vikram totally excited

ions galore

Here are the newly-packaged ions stacked back in the box:

Stacking them in a box

Just to put things in perspective, here is our packaging and its size compared to the competition:

Comparing our size to the competition

And here is our previous and new packaging:

Old vs. New packaging

Here is the sleek “product photography” version:

The ION USB charger

[You can grab an ion with the new improved packaging at]( 🙂

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