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Our article in The Hindu

Posted on 10 February 2011 by Vikram

We are happy to share our article about Track Every Coin in The Hindu (Mangalore Edition). Do read about it here:

If the above link doesnt work, read the pdf version here.

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Bangalore mirror article on Expense tracking

Posted on 07 February 2011 by Vikram

Here is the Bangalore mirror article on Expense tracking.

Track Every Coin – helps you keep tab on expenses and income!

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IONLAB in Seedcamp mumbai finalists

Posted on 01 December 2010 by Vikram

We are excited to take part in Mini Seedcamp Mumbai. Yes, we have made it to the top 20.

SeedCamp announces the finalist here.

We are excited to pitch Track Every Coin and learn from the mentors participating.

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Track Every Coin – on News 9

Posted on 11 August 2010 by Vikram

We are happy to share our interview on News 9.

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Track Every Coin Mobile App bags prize

Posted on 21 June 2010 by Roopa

Nokia launched the N900 smartphone recently and the Nokia forum had held a competition for mobile application innovations. We are thrilled to announce that the track every coin mobile app won a prize at the event!

There were around 30 participants who showcased mobile apps ranging from social networking to games to directory services and language translations. It was nice to see many new ideas being implemented.

Head of Forum Nokia, Mr. Sunil Rao was also present…

Track Every Coin Mobile app was shown to public for the first time…

We had a great time getting good feedback about the product. You can see a small preview of the product on the TV screen! 😉

We are now doing the final testing of the application and will be launching in a few days. More to come shortly!

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ION stocked at Apple store!

Posted on 22 March 2010 by Vikram

It is a dream come true for us. Like the saying “Patience is bitter, but reaps the sweetest fruit”, our wait and perseverance has paid us off! It took us about 2 years before we could be stocked in a big retail chain.

The Story behind the Ion:

The company I worked for earlier gave away ipods to employees on becoming a CMM L5 company and I was urged to build my own charger for it. Little did I know then that a weekend project would one day become utility to so many people. The initial product looked like this.

We then conceptualized the idea, bettered the design, optimized the circuits and today Ion is the smallest USB charger available.

We started selling IONs mostly online and in a few small stores in Bangalore (Channel 9, Jayanagar). We have done everything from talking to retailers in Mumbai to meeting distributors in Bangalore. We have been through the long process of vendor registration and have tried to negotiate channeling costs. There were times when nothing was moving except for our online sales. It was quite amazing how people all around India have found us and bought the charges. This is the biggest motivation that kept our spirits high.

Yes after all the follow-ups and loads of patience we will finally be stocked at all the Apple Stores in India. This is huge morale boost before we launch our next product shortly.

The biggest learning for us is that, the pricing of the product is very important for the retailing and distribution channels. The price point of a product is very sensitive and market driven. If you are an established brand, you can dictate the pricing as your volumes are high. On being a startup the story is a little different. If the product is new in the market, the distributors demand more. If the product has competition then it is mostly a volume game (low margin high volume) which makes it difficult for a startup to handle without being funded.

All in all, we are really thrilled to have the product available at the Apple store (Imagine store) shortly. Now customers can easily buy the ION at their favorite Apple store!

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Is it an i-pod?

Posted on 04 February 2010 by Vikram

Believe it or not, in India the term “I-pod” has taken a common name for an MP3 player.

In the common market, if someone asks you “Which i-pod do you have?”.

If you say you have a nano, shuffle, touch… he would be confused! But if you say that you have an Apple, Sony or a Philips i-pod he understands!

I wonder how this happened. How did the word ‘I-pod’ takeover the name for an Mp3 Player? Is it because Apple did not spread the awareness very well in India and the buzz spread through word of mouth? I wonder if the following could have happened:

Person A: What is an i-pod?

Person B: It is something that can play music!

Now when Person A sees an MP3 player he thinks it is an i-pod! 😀

Not sure if this is a boon or a bane for Apple! Yes, the word “i-pod” is now widely used, but not sure if that is translating to sales for them.

Anyways we are keeping a short name for our product. The hardware device will be called “TECI”, short form for Track Every CoIn. So that it is easy to refer it – “Do you have a TECI?” 🙂

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IONLAB at ISC, Trivandrum

Posted on 19 January 2010 by Roopa

We were in Kerala last week, putting up posters, talking to umpteen people and showing a demo of Track Every Coin! Yes .. we were at the 97th Indian Science Congress for 5 days at Thiruvananthapuram and we had a cozy little stall for Ionlab.

The Indian Science Congress is the largest national science event in India with thousands of delegates participating, exploring, understanding and interacting on the matters of science. It was one platform where innovators across India came together to exhibit technology and innovations. We were overwhelmed for having been invited to participate and set up a stall at an event of such magnitude.

The ISC was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India followed by the inauguration of the Children’s Science Congress by Dr Abdul Kalam. The Govt of India’s department for Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) sponsored stalls at the exhibition to encourage Entrepreneurs through their TEPP initiative.

It was a great learning and a product validation opportunity for us at Ionlab. We showed demos of the product and its features to people from various walks of life – students, IT professionals, home makers, small-medium businessmen to academicians. Everyone loved it! The beauty of TECI really lies in the simplicity and versatility of what it offers to each and every person. We identified that there is a clear demarcation of segments who find the mobile application more useful than the hardware device and vice versa.

We sold a few of our first product The ION – USB Charger as well. 🙂

The overwhelming response is a big confidence boost and we are working fiercely towards putting the bits together and bringing Track Every Coin to you soon!

Click here for more photos of the event.

News about 97th Indian Science Congress:

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How to handle new ideas?

Posted on 04 April 2009 by Vikram

Often in companies we always hear about new ideas. If you are brain-storming for an idea there are many ideas tossed around, how do you develop all these ideas? How do you make sure there is no ego conflict of ideas?

Here in this post I have put down my thoughts about new ideas and how one can manage it and develop these ideas in a team.

1. Never criticize: 

It is very important to listen to what the other person has to say. Hear the idea out completely. DO NOT critic it. Not matter what you think of the idea DO NOT put it down. A person must have put in a lot of effort/courage to talk about it. The culture of thinking new ideas is good. If you criticize all the ideas, all the time, he/she will not come up with new ideas anymore.

2. If you can’t appreciate it, improve it: 

This one is my favorite. When you hear to an idea and you don’t like it, most of the time we want to put the idea down. We say “No it is not a good idea”. “It will not work”. “That is a bad idea”. Instead of putting out these negative thoughts, think about why do you think it will not work, and find out for your self how you can address it to make it work. It doesn’t matter if you cannot come up with a solution to fix it, throw it out there, may be someone else will think in the same direction and fix it.

3. Always complement good ideas:

It is important to complement good ideas and good thought flows in a discussion. This helps people to think better. When a persons idea is appreciated he comes up with better ideas.

4. The EGO

This is the worst nightmare of ideas. Most ideas are shot down because of personal egos. The big question is, How do you handle this. i.e. If you have an ego clash with someone in the team and he/she gives a great idea, don’t think about criticizing the idea or ways to put the idea down. Instead detach the idea from the person and imagine the idea being out there. Now develop it! 


After all an idea is like a seed, waiting to be nurtured and taken care to become the a big tree one day!

I wished most VCs thought this way ;)

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The Journey

Posted on 05 September 2008 by Vikram

It all started more than a year ago. We got an idea to manufacture our own iPod charger and we had good success with it. Now, we are jumping in full time to pursue this passion of ours and take it to greater heights.

We are currently four engineers – Vikram, Swaroop, Varun and Roopesh.

Our vision is to make useful must-have products, whether they are consumer electronics or websites.

We love treading this path of taking our ideas into execution. Heck, even this website is a perfect example. The theme we are using for this website was completely ideated, designed and implemented by us, regardless of the fact that we are neither designers nor were familiar with WordPress theme designing before this.

We love putting in effort. After all, it’s our dreams and ideas. What can be more exciting than that? As Mark Cuban once said, “The one thing in our business lives is effort. Either you make the commitment to get results or your don’t.”

When Swaroop was walking in Singapore at the beginning of the year, a sign caught his eye.

Singapore Day 05 016

The keyword is that it is a “a sign”. Yes, ion/lab is our dream, our destination.

As for this space, we intend to write regularly to catalog our journey and adventures. Stay tuned.

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