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Group Events – Shared expense on a trip

Posted on 26 December 2013 by Vikram

It is finally here! We are super excited to present what we call – Group Events. Along with Normal events, you can now Track various expenses that you share among many people on an event. It was natural for us to extrapolate the features of a Normal Event to a group as well.

Group Events:

Ability to share expenses incurred on a trip with multiple people participating in the trip and settle relevant expenses with the group on a click of a button.

IONLAB is proud to present Track Every Coin’s Group Events.

Here is a simple story of a group of friends going on a trek to the Himalayas:

Pindari Trek Day

Every event has a group leader. Similarly, in Track Every Coin, one person starts an event by creating a new event and inviting all his friends to it. By inviting friends/contacts to the event, it becomes a group event as against a normal event.

  • Add friends that are a part of the trip under your contact tab
  • You can add a new event from your events tab

In the below case we are adding “Trek to Himalayas” as an event, select the currency in which the event occurs, mark the event as a group event and add your contacts to it.


When this new group event is created, an email is sent out to everyone to accept the event invite. If each user accepts the invitation, they can see the same view and will be able to add expenses to the event.

new event

How to add an expense to an event?

Even Split:

To add an expense to an event, go to the desired event and click on “Add Expense”. You will see the following view:

Add expese in an event


Once you add the amount and select the category, you can now select if the expense is for all participants or it is shared between some of them.

In the above case, we have selected that the user entering the expense has paid for it and the expense is for all.

Here is another use case:

Add expense in an event 2

In this case, user can enter expense that was paid by someone else into the event. Track Every Coin allows any user to add any type of expense. Ex: Vikram enters the expense paid by Girish.

Multiple splits:

If an expense is not shared by all, it can be marked as “Shared”.

Selecting this option will allow you to split between selected people.

Add expense - Share

In the above case, Abishek and Girish did some personal shopping and Track Every Coin allows them to share this expense just between the 2 of them and also add it to the event.

Constant overview: 

Every time an expense is added Track Every Coin keeps the event live. You can always see the latest expense shared between participants.


Key features of events:

  • Create your own categories for events. These categories need not be the same as your expense categories
  • Displays pie chart expense distribution against categories
  • Settlement graph in real time – Show each participant’s shares and his/her settlement


In the above graph you can see that a mouse hover on any part of the graph will display the actual value. Here Loy’s share is 35000 and he pays 35000. It shows that he has not spent anything on the trip.

Completing an event:

Once the event is complete, the moderator of the event will click on “Finish” button. This button is visible only to the event moderator. This operation will mark the event as finished, i.e. none of the participants will be allowed to add any more expenses and Track Every Coin will send an email to all participants with the final settlement email.

Event finished

Below is the sample email format that gets sent to everyone.


 Keeping tab on expenses on a trip is now very easy and transparent. Let us know your feedback on this feature.

We enjoyed bringing this to you, hope you like this feature and find it useful on your trips too!

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Adding Expense to Event from Mobile

Posted on 22 January 2013 by Vikram

You now have the convenience of adding expenses to an event on the go. Once you have an event created on, the same event gets synced to the mobile to which you can then add the expenses to.

Here is an example..

Let us say you have a travel planned. First visit, login and go to the Events tab.

Click on “Add event”, select your desired currency and a name for the event and save it.

add event

Now when you login to Track Every Coin on the mobile, the newly created Event will appear. On trying to add an expense on your mobile, when you click on “Add Expense” you will notice a new field called “Expense Type”. By default ‘Regular Expense’ is selected.  Regular expenses are those that are not a part of any event.

Add regular expense

To add an expense to an event, tap on the drop down of expense type and select the desired event. Enter the expense and click on save. This will save the expense under this event.
Add event expense

The same appears under the expense tab of  the mobile. When you select the expense tab, there is a new field called “Expenses From”. Select the event name to display all expenses from an event.

Expense tab

Hope you are enjoying using our Events feature. We will love to hear to your feedback about the feature.



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Events – Expense grouping made easy!

Posted on 27 November 2012 by Vikram

Introducing a new way of tracking expenses from a travel, an onsite trip, a birthday party at home or even a wedding! We term such an occasion as an “Event”.

From Track Every Coin’s perspective, what are Events?

An event can be an occasion that has a definite start and an end time that you would like to track separately. For instance ‘A 7 day trip to Singapore’ can be an event that you would like to track separately in Singaporean dollars. Once the trip is over you can consolidate the expenses back in your base currency on your Track Every Coin account.

Following are the feature updates.

When you login to your Track Every Coin account, you will see a NEW tab called “Events” as shown below.

To create a new event, click on the “Add Event” button.

You can give a name for the Event, select a date from which the event will start, enter a budget for the event if you wish or leave it defaulted to 0 and choose the currency to track the event expenses.

In the below case let us select USD as the currency for the Event – “New York trip”.

Once an Event is created, the Event will have a Status called “In Progress”. You can now start adding expenses into this event.

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Track Every Coin in your very own Language!

Posted on 16 July 2012 by Roopa

We, at Ionlab have been left humbled to learn that our Track Every Coin customer base spans across 43 countries as of today and is increasing steadily!

We cannot thank our users enough for the invaluable feedback and appreciation we have been receiving on a continuous basis. It not only helps us shape the product better but also reassures that we have touched lives of tens of thousands of people across the globe! This focus has been the linchpin since the inception of Ionlab 🙂

We learnt that, when a lot of customers entered categories and description in their native language, their account got locked as the application could not recognize characters other than English. This led us to enable multilingual feature to support all our customers and the discovery of the widespread of TrackEveryCoin usage.


So here it is folks, you can now enter categories, expense/income descriptions, contact names etc  in your own language!

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Shared expense made easy

Posted on 11 July 2012 by Vikram

In the quest to make features more user friendly, we have now added an option to edit shared expenses by entering the amount as highlighted in the screenshot below.

You can use a combination of both the slider and the textbox to define an expense.

For instance, if you know the exact amount that each individual needs to pay, you can now just enter it in the text box highlighted above or move the slider to the appropriate figure.

A big thank you to all the users for the wonderful feedback on a continuous basis. It is helping us shape Track Every Coin better for you!

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Net Savings

Posted on 13 March 2012 by Vikram

Track Every Coin now displays “Net Savings” of an account.

What is Net Savings? 

Net Savings is the unspent money from every month in the your account. It should ideally reflect your bank balance if all the card and cash expenses are captured.

Why is my Net Savings showing a negative value despite having entered my Income?

Original – Why is my Net Savings negative when my Income is not? 

Since net savings is the sum of all the savings over months, if you have spent more than your income in most of the previous months, then net savings will be negative.

Firstly, we allow users to add expenses without adding any income which can cause “Net Savings” to go negative.

Secondly, the negative savings can also reflect your credit expenses.

What is the best way to use Net Savings? 

Check your bank account and make sure your net savings is on par with your bank balance. This will be a one time effort and if you continue to track all your income types (salary, bonus, share trading etc) and expense types (cash, credit-card, insurance etc ) your “Net Savings” will always reflect your bank account.

Hope you enjoy this feature as much as we enjoyed bringing this to you.



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Desktop App Made FREE!

Posted on 09 January 2012 by Vikram

You read right! We at Ionlab have decided to make the desktop app FREE for all our TrackEveryCoin customers starting today.

What is a Desktop App you ask?

Please go through our earlier post on Desktop App to learn what it is all about and how it can help you.

How Do I download and Install the Desktop App?

You can now download the desktop app for TrackEveryCoin for free by following the following simple steps

Please go to our website –

Click on the “Get Desktop App” button on the screen to notice a pop up window and then click on the “Install Now” button and follow the instructions to install the desktop application on your computer.

Note: The desktop application is a one way sync, all your data on the desktop application is backed up on your web account. But the data on your web account is not transferred back to the desktop application!

Hope you enjoy using the desktop-app!


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New Pie-Chart & more updates

Posted on 26 October 2011 by Vikram

Firstly, we wish a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to all our Customers!

During this Indian festival season, we are super excited to bring a new pie chart to all Track Every Coin customers.

Track Every Coin team presents – 3D Pie chart with better user interface. You can now hover your mouse on any of the pie to see the amount, category-name and percentage share of the expenses.

Log onto your account and try it for yourself. Let us know what you think about it.

Secondly we have optimized the performance of our mobile website ( to load faster. It now has a better and more updated backend engine. It is faster and better looking on your phone.

Last but not the least, we have added more options for adding recurring reminders. Along with expenses and income, you can now add different frequency to reminders. Newly added frequency list are

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Yearly
Go ahead and add all your reminders like quarterly life insurance premium payments, bi-monthly milk payments or half yearly car insurance!


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Add to Home Screen – iPhone & iPad

Posted on 30 September 2011 by Vikram

Good news for all iPhone and iPad users, you can now add out Track Every Coin‘s  Mobile website as a shortcut on your home screen and have Track Every Coin’s logo displayed on it.

Here is how you can do that. First, open safari browser and visit: “”

Now touch the “+” symbol and touch the “Add to Home Screen” option as shown below:

You can choose your own name. Notice the Track Every Coin logo is auto loaded when you do this.

Now touch “Add” button:

This will add the icon on your home screen. You can now access Track Every Coin’s mobile website easily from your home screen.

Feel free to comment on this. We look forward for your feedback.

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Features from Customer Feedback

Posted on 08 September 2011 by Roopa

Firstly, a big thank you to all our customers who have been sending us feedback and suggestions for Track Every Coin. It has given us a good opportunity to further improve the product and to serve you better!

The current release if focused on making changes based on the prioritized feedbacks. This is what in store for the first batch:

  1. Many users wanted to add recurring expenses based on the following:
  • Quarterly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Half-Yearly

Advantages of having these recurring expenses is to enable you to add your Life Insurance premium which could be a Quarterly / Half-yearly payments.

You can now add recurring expenses based on the following

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Yearly
  1. Any expense marked as a “Reimbursement” is not shown in the Expense graph anymore. In other words, any reimbursable expense is only present in the expense listing and not in the expense graph.

Hope you find these features useful! Kindly continue to send us you feedback and suggestions and enable us to serve you better.

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Keep Those Receipts Handy!

Posted on 06 July 2011 by Vikram

“I recently bought a new graphics card for my computer and realized that it has 3 years of Warranty! Now now… where do I save the receipt for 3 years?”

“My CA has been asking me for all my payslips to file my tax return.. Wish I had saved them in one location!”

If this seems to be your problem, Track Every Coin has a solution for this! Yes you can now attach your receipts under “Add expense” and attach your payslips to your “Add income” feature.

Consider an example where you have bought a graphics card and you have a 3 years warranty. Using your mobile phone you can quickly click a picture of the receipt…

Now login to your Track Every Coin account and click on “Add Expense”

Select the file (can be jpg or pdf) and save it. We are currently limiting the size of the file to 1MB. Once the file is attached, it is displayed in your grid.

Now be worry-free about keeping your receipts handy, for most of us dont find the recepits when we need them the most. Claiming your warranty becomes very easy.

You can save all the important documents you may need for future reference, like payslips, form 16s, income tax returns, household bills, receipts, bills to be reimbursed from your company.. you name it!!

We help you save your documents for life 🙂

Do tell your friends about this new feature!

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More updates on mobile access

Posted on 23 May 2011 by Vikram

Continuing our update from the mobile framework, Track Every Coin’s mobile website ( now has the following updates:

In short, all the features available on the trackeverycoin website currently is now made available for your mobile!

1. Reminders

Add a reminder on the go from you cell phone. You remember something, add it quickly onto your account. This can be a bill payment / insurance payment or even birthday reminders! Track Every Coin will send you a recurring/ a non recurring reminder email when it is due.

You can also mark your reminder as paid or add it to expense.

Marking it ‘as paid’ will remove the reminder from the list but will not add it to the expense grid. On the other hand, ‘add to expense’ will mark the reminder as paid and will add it to the expense grid.

2. Who owes me

View all the expenses others owe you. We have added this on the mobile access as it makes it easy to see how much your friend owes you when you meet him!

After the settlement, you can mark them as money received.

3. I Owe

We have also added “I Owe” for mobile access. Expenses shared against you or in case you want to make a note of your ‘I Owes’, you can do the same!

We hope you enjoy these new features. Please feel free to share your comments / send us your feedback.

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Add I Owe

Posted on 29 March 2011 by Vikram

This feature has been requested by our users and we are very happy to bring this live to you. Yes, you can now keep track of the money you owe someone else.

Just click on “Add” under your I owe block in your Track Every Coin account.

Select the person from your contact list, enter the amount, description and category and save it. This will get listed under your “I Owe” block.

I Owe works in two ways

  1. When you add an I owe yourself.
  2. When your contact adds an expense against you.

Both this expense against a person will be added up and shown at once.

Complete I Owe:

This is also a new feature we have added. When you click on the tick mark of an I owe, you now have the option of adding it to your expense or just marking it as completed.

When you add it to your expense, all the list of expenses that you owe someone will be added in your expense grid one by one.

Take a case study of 2 roommates. When they share expenses against each other, expenses are shown in their respective I Owes. When they add it to their expense, the whole list is also added to their expense grid along with the categories.

This helps you capture all your expenses!


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Adding colors to Mobile Access

Posted on 21 March 2011 by Vikram

The sprit of Holi this time gave us new ideas to work on our mobile access site. We have updated the following things on our mobile access site:

  • Added colors for better look and feel
  • Added expense and income grid for a quick overview
  • Bottom navigation to navigate between different screens

So how do you access this?

From any phone, open an internet browser (Eg: opera mini, native browsers) and


Hope you enjoy this. Feel free to provide us feedback on the same.

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Export to pdf

Posted on 17 March 2011 by Vikram

You can now download your financial report by clicking on the download report icon in your Track Every Coin account.

You can download the report for any date range. The report consists of the following:

  • Summary for the selected date range
  • Category wise expense and income distribution
  • Who owes you, and your I Owes
  • The complete expense and income data for the selected date range.

You can also search by description or category and generate report for it.

Eg: Search for all your tax saving expenses, generate a report and submit it to your Auditor.

You can also generate report for a selected date range. Eg: If you are on a business trip, you can select your date range of the trip and generate report accordingly.

Do comment about this feature.


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