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New Expense and Income Graph

Posted on 06 February 2011 by Vikram

We are super excited to have the expense and income graphs live now.

Visit your “Transactions” tab in Track Every Coin and look out for the new graph!

Default month view gives you you expense distribution over the whole month. You can mouse hover on any point to read the value.

Expense graph - Month view

Change the date range to quarter you will see weekly totals, and when you change it to Yearly, you will see monthly totals. It is easy to analyze your whole year’s expense pattern.

Similar to expense, you can see your income pattern. Eg: Select year range and see how you have performed month over month.

Find out if you are getting the right increments yearly? How about that bonus you were promised!

Do let us know if you like this graph and feel free to contact us if you have any feedback.

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Sorting of grid

Posted on 02 February 2011 by Vikram

Very small, but very useful feature of Track Every Coin is released. Yes the expense and income grid can be sorted in ascending or descending order to understand it better.

Consider an example:

In the above example let us say you have spend 46K last month and it has kept you wondering what you have spent on. It is now easy to understand your expense.

Just click on the arrow next to amount to sort the grid in descending / ascending order.

Now view your grid to see all your top expenses.

Sorting can also be used with search. Eg: you can search for all your shopping category and then sort it to see all your largest shopping bills.

Go ahead and try out the sorting feature and understand your expenses better!

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Split bills on your mobile

Posted on 30 January 2011 by Vikram

Continuing from our previous post, you can now split bill, mark as reimbursement and add a recurring expense from your mobile device.

Here is how you can do it, from your mobile browser visit: ““, login to your account and click on “Add expense”, notice the new changes:

Add expense via mobile

There are 3 new options:

  • Frequency – You can mark an expense as One time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. Once you mark a frequency to an expense, it is automatically added in future.
  • Reimbursement – When on a business trip, it is easy to mark an expense as a reimbursement. You can consolidate your business expenses on your web account and also email the list. Login to your web account at:
  • Split bills – Click on this if you wish to split the existing expense.

Split bills:

Split bill with a friendAdd contact link

To split bill, select the name and add the amount. Click on Add to add more people to the bill.

The drop down shows the list of your contacts. Click on “Add New Contact” to add a new contact to your account.

Add new contact:

Enter your new contact’s name, email address and mobile number. Invite him to Track Every Coin so that he knows about your split.

It is this easy to share an expense with a friend / roommate.

Do let us know what you think about this feature. Spread the word if you love it!

And yes, the mobile access works on any phone!

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Track Every Coin gets Mobile Access for all phones!

Posted on 25 January 2011 by Vikram

TEC Mobile access

The long awaited mobile access for Track Every Coin is done. It doesn’t matter which mobile phone you have. Right from a Nokia, i-Phone, Android, Sony, Micromax to an I-Pad, you can now access your Track Every Coin account on your mobile device by just visiting

Here is what you will see…
  • Login screen
  • Summary page to display your income, expense, budget and savings
  • Add an expense or an income on the go

Mobile login screenMobile summary screen

You can click on “Remember me” on the login screen, so that next time you will be taken to the summary screen directly (saves time when you are in a hurry).

Just click on “Add Expense” or “Add Income” and save the corresponding expense / income.

Successfully added expense

We have kept the UI very simple so that you can enter expense on the go at a lighting speed.

Going forward we will be adding more and more features for the mobile access like sharing expense on the mobile, adding contacts on the mobile site etc. Keep an eye out for it and do give us your feedback.

Go ahead and bookmark “” on your mobile devices and create shortcuts on your home screen (i-phone and android phones) so that you can access Track Every Coin at a flash.

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Social Networking of Money!

Posted on 01 January 2011 by Vikram

With the start of a new year we are happy to announce our most exciting feature called the “Social Networking of Money”.

So what do we mean by social networking of money?

Imagine you go out with your friends and share some drinks. One person pays for it and others are to pay back later. We have all been there, done that – it gets increasingly harder to followup with friends on the money they owe you. Here is how Track Every Coin makes it simple for you and your friend…

Step 1:

After you login to your account, click on “Contacts” tab on the right corner of the screen (just below today’s date)

Step 2:

In the contacts tab, add your contact by adding his/her name and email address…

On clicking “Add”, the system will add your friend and send an invite automatically if the “Send an invite” is selected.

After adding your friend, he/she is added to your contacts list…

The “invite” button on the grid disappears after your friend has accepted the invitation. If your contact has not accepted the invite yet, you can send a reminder by clicking on the “Invite” button.

Step 3:

Upon adding someone in your network, you can quickly share expense against them…

After you share the expense, an email is automatically sent out to the person you shared the expense with. The expense shows up under his/her “I Owe” block and you can track it under your “Who owes me” block.

Who owes me

This networking feature is a hassle free way of sharing expenses with friends.

So now with Track Every Coin, you can not only track your own expenses but also split bills with friends.

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How to effectively use Bill reminders?

Posted on 24 December 2010 by Vikram

When we launched Track Every Coin’s Dashboard, we also launched out bill reminder feature. In this blog post we will explain how our bill reminder feature is different and how to make best use of it.

Two most important feature in bill reminders are:

  1. Be able to add recurring reminders (Eg: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  2. Know all your future bill reminders

To be very effective in bill payments and not forget the due date, you need to add all your bills with the payment dates as a couple of days before the actual due date. Make sure you select the frequency so that you dont have to do this ever!


  • Electricity bill -> Make sure you select monthly.
  • Car insurance -> Make sure you select yearly and forget about it!

Once you have added all your bills, we will send you an email reminder when the bill date has approached.

After you have paid your bill, make sure to mark the bill as paid. This will help you keep your list clean and it will automatically add future bills.


Consider the case where we have to pay our Car insurance premium every year.

After you have paid your bill, hover your mouse on the reminder and click on the “tick” mark. This will give you two options:

You can fill the amount and add the bill to your expense on a click of a button or just mark the bill reminder as complete.

When you click on either one of the button, the current reminder is removed and the future reminder is added. In this case, the car insurance premium is due once a year. It will be added for the next year so that you don’t forget the next payment.

Note: the car insurance is now added for the next year and it is the last recurring bill on the list!

Consider another example: Say you have to pay your phone bill and you have added it as a monthly recurring bill reminder

Once you have paid your phone bill and you mark it as complete, it is automatically added to the next month and it is shown in the list…

When the next month’s bill date approaches, we will send you an email reminder!

This way you will never lose track of your bills and at the same time you are aware of all your future bill payments.

Go ahead and make the best use of the bill reminder feature of Track Every Coin.

Let us not miss any bill payments starting 2011!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Advance!

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Track Every Coin gets a Dashboard

Posted on 07 December 2010 by Vikram

We are super excited to bring Track Every Coin’s Dashboard to you.

What is a Dashboard?

The dashboard is a graphical snapshot of your finances. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your income, expenses, savings and budget for each month that enables you to quickly analyze your finances.

Unless you measure something it is difficult to improve on, or take action. Our Dashboard gives you the power of measuring your financial status!

Take a quick peek into how the dashboard looks like

We have used Ajax technology to ensure that you can browse through the graphs without a screen refresh.

Income Vs Expense:

This is the most important graph for everyone of us. How much do I earn and how am I spending! You can scroll through different months and compare your expenses/income with previous months.

Expense vs Savings:

We all have different things that we save up for. Now it is easy to measure your savings across different months.

Continue Reading

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Track Every Coin – Edit Categories

Posted on 12 November 2010 by Vikram

The feature that everyone has been waiting for is complete. Yes, we can now edit income and expense categories in Track Every Coin.

You can now set your own categories of income and expense. To edit categories, click on the edit button next to the category pie chart.


You can add, rename, delete and modify any category. If you are a parent you can have categories like: Kids / School etc.

For a bachelor you can set categories like: Booze, Partying etc

If you are a small business, you can have categories based on different expenditure heads in the company. You can also edit your income categories to suit your requirements.

So go crazy and create your own categories.

Steps involved in adding / editing categories:

  1. Click on “Edit Categories”
  2. Click on “Add” and rename the category
  3. Once you have typed  a category name press “Enter” to save the category – This is an important step.
  4. You can rearrange categories using the two arrows displayed above
  5. Click on Save to finally save your list.

We feel this is a very important feature that will help you get financially organized. Do let us know your comments and feedback.

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Monthly reporting…

Posted on 02 November 2010 by Vikram

We are excited to announce the implementation of monthly reporting on Track Every Coin.

Now at the end of every month you will get an auto generated interesting statistics of your finances.

Here is an example of the same:

October 2010

Net Income: INR 50000.00
Budget: INR 30000.00
Net Expense: INR 25000.00

Savings for the month: INR 25000.00

(Yay! Good job on the savings)

Expense Distribution:

Bills: 56.7% INR 14175.00
Shopping: 17.7% INR 4425.00
Food: 10.5% INR 2625.00
Grocery: 5.2% INR 1300.00
Health: 4.1% INR 1025.00
Fuel: 2.5% INR 625.00
Entertainment: 2.0% INR 500.00
Travel: 1.2% INR 300.00

Income Distribution:

Salary: 100.0% INR 50000.00

Who Owes You?
Reimbursement: INR 14046.00
Ramesh: INR 1401.00
(Send them a friendly reminder through your account. Look for the envelope icon under who owes me.)

Other Statistics:

Average expense per week: INR 6250.00
Average expense per day  : INR 806.45
This is a quick glance of your income / expense distribution, your savings for the month and quick reminder of who owes you?
Also some interesting statistics of your weekly / daily expenditure.

Do let us know if you would like to see more data.

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Power of search – Track Every Coin

Posted on 15 October 2010 by Vikram

Track Every Coin now has “search” feature implemented. We are really excited about this feature as we think this is one of the most powerful feature and will help our customers to a great extent!

Let me demonstrate how search feature helps us understand our expenditure pattern.

Our “search” feature searches through the description or the category. You can first select the date range where you would like to search, and enter  a search string.

For instance, if you want to find out how much you spent on food this month, select the month in our date range selector and hit go, now type ‘food’ in the search field and hit go. The grid is updated with all items pertaining to food and the total of the grid is shown above it.

For a selected date range, you can perform search multiple times. Search results are cleared by either hitting go on the date range or clearing the search and hitting go.

Let me take another example

In case you want to know how much you spent on grocery last quarter, it is simple – just select the last quarter date range and hit go. Now you search for grocery!

What is really cool is… you can know how much do you spend on; lets say “Pizza” in the whole year!

Just select the current year and search for pizza!

Wow! Just made me realize I really need to cut down on Pizzas!

Finally here is my favorite. We had been on a trip to Srilanka this year. To find out how much we spent on the whole trip, I just had to select current year and search for the key word Srilanka.

A small tip that can come handy is that you may want to keep in mind is to use keywords based on which you would like to fetch the data at a later date. For example, prefixing the name of the place for expenses on the trip like “srilanka”

Next time I take a vacation I know how much I need! 😉

Hope you like the search feature as much as I did!

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International Currency selection & Email bills to friends

Posted on 24 September 2010 by Vikram

Here are the latest updates on Track Every Coin:

You can now select different currency under settings. This will update your account with the selected currency.

You can invite your friends in other countries and they can benefit out of Track Every Coin.

Secondly you can have a quick review of your “Who owes me”. Just keep your mouse pointer on the person who owes you, can be individual or company reimbursement it shows the list of shared expense:

You can also email this to your friends / company for reimbursements. Just click on the email icon on their name:

Now it is so much easier to keep track of bills and company reimbursements.

Visit and see these new features.

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Update: Recurring income/expense, Budget, reimbursements

Posted on 23 August 2010 by Vikram

We are happy to release more updates on Track Every Coin.

Recurring Expense / Income:

You can add an expense as a recurring expense and set the frequency to: Weekly / Monthly / Yearly. The expense will be automatically added to your account. You can also add a shared / reimbursement as a recurring expense as well.

Now go ahead and add your monthly fixed income as a recurring income.

You can set the frequency to: One time / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly.


Setting your monthly budget is now easy. Just click on the budget, it turns into a text box. Enter your monthly budget and press enter.

Current month’s budget is carried to the next month. Once you set your budget sync your TECI gadget to see the budget updated on the device.

Reimbursements in Who owes me:

You can now see your cumulative company reimbursements in your Who owes me list for a quick update. Also get the reimbursement total on your TECI gadget.

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Who owes me?

Posted on 06 August 2010 by Vikram

We are excited to release a new feature of Track Every Coin… “Who owes me?”

Sharing expense with friends / roommates is now easy. You can easily share an expense by clicking on “Shared” and add people to it. Move the slider for the share amount or click on equalize for an equal share.

The expense will be marked as shared (s) and will be listed under “Who Owes me?”. Once you receive the money click on the tick mark to mark it as received.

What is even cool, if you are using the TECI gadget and sync with your account, it will show on your TECI… here is a small video showing the same…

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Posted on 29 July 2010 by Vikram

We are happy to release the following features for Track Every Coin

1. Mouse hover on the settings, logoff and sync devices are enabled.

2. Settings overlay is implemented. You can now update your user profile and change your password.

3. Inline edit of descriptions in the expense grid is functional. Now when you sync your TECI, it is very easy to fill descriptions!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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How to use Track Every Coin

Posted on 16 July 2010 by Vikram

This video shows the first time use of TECI, how to enter expense on TECI and how it is transferred to the website. Click here to view the video on youtube.

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