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Keep Those Receipts Handy!

Posted on 06 July 2011 by Vikram

“I recently bought a new graphics card for my computer and realized that it has 3 years of Warranty! Now now… where do I save the receipt for 3 years?”

“My CA has been asking me for all my payslips to file my tax return.. Wish I had saved them in one location!”

If this seems to be your problem, Track Every Coin has a solution for this! Yes you can now attach your receipts under “Add expense” and attach your payslips to your “Add income” feature.

Consider an example where you have bought a graphics card and you have a 3 years warranty. Using your mobile phone you can quickly click a picture of the receipt…

Now login to your Track Every Coin account and click on “Add Expense”

Select the file (can be jpg or pdf) and save it. We are currently limiting the size of the file to 1MB. Once the file is attached, it is displayed in your grid.

Now be worry-free about keeping your receipts handy, for most of us dont find the recepits when we need them the most. Claiming your warranty becomes very easy.

You can save all the important documents you may need for future reference, like payslips, form 16s, income tax returns, household bills, receipts, bills to be reimbursed from your company.. you name it!!

We help you save your documents for life 🙂

Do tell your friends about this new feature!

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