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Track Every Coin gets Mobile Access for all phones!

Posted on 25 January 2011 by Vikram

TEC Mobile access

The long awaited mobile access for Track Every Coin is done. It doesn’t matter which mobile phone you have. Right from a Nokia, i-Phone, Android, Sony, Micromax to an I-Pad, you can now access your Track Every Coin account on your mobile device by just visiting http://m.trackeverycoin.com

Here is what you will see…
  • Login screen
  • Summary page to display your income, expense, budget and savings
  • Add an expense or an income on the go

Mobile login screenMobile summary screen

You can click on “Remember me” on the login screen, so that next time you will be taken to the summary screen directly (saves time when you are in a hurry).

Just click on “Add Expense” or “Add Income” and save the corresponding expense / income.

Successfully added expense

We have kept the UI very simple so that you can enter expense on the go at a lighting speed.

Going forward we will be adding more and more features for the mobile access like sharing expense on the mobile, adding contacts on the mobile site etc. Keep an eye out for it and do give us your feedback.

Go ahead and bookmark “m.trackeverycoin.com” on your mobile devices and create shortcuts on your home screen (i-phone and android phones) so that you can access Track Every Coin at a flash.

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