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Group Events – Shared expense on a trip

Posted on 26 December 2013 by Vikram

It is finally here! We are super excited to present what we call – Group Events. Along with Normal events, you can now Track various expenses that you share among many people on an event. It was natural for us to extrapolate the features of a Normal Event to a group as well.

Group Events:

Ability to share expenses incurred on a trip with multiple people participating in the trip and settle relevant expenses with the group on a click of a button.

IONLAB is proud to present Track Every Coin’s Group Events.

Here is a simple story of a group of friends going on a trek to the Himalayas:

Pindari Trek Day

Every event has a group leader. Similarly, in Track Every Coin, one person starts an event by creating a new event and inviting all his friends to it. By inviting friends/contacts to the event, it becomes a group event as against a normal event.

  • Add friends that are a part of the trip under your contact tab
  • You can add a new event from your events tab

In the below case we are adding “Trek to Himalayas” as an event, select the currency in which the event occurs, mark the event as a group event and add your contacts to it.


When this new group event is created, an email is sent out to everyone to accept the event invite. If each user accepts the invitation, they can see the same view and will be able to add expenses to the event.

new event

How to add an expense to an event?

Even Split:

To add an expense to an event, go to the desired event and click on “Add Expense”. You will see the following view:

Add expese in an event


Once you add the amount and select the category, you can now select if the expense is for all participants or it is shared between some of them.

In the above case, we have selected that the user entering the expense has paid for it and the expense is for all.

Here is another use case:

Add expense in an event 2

In this case, user can enter expense that was paid by someone else into the event. Track Every Coin allows any user to add any type of expense. Ex: Vikram enters the expense paid by Girish.

Multiple splits:

If an expense is not shared by all, it can be marked as “Shared”.

Selecting this option will allow you to split between selected people.

Add expense - Share

In the above case, Abishek and Girish did some personal shopping and Track Every Coin allows them to share this expense just between the 2 of them and also add it to the event.

Constant overview: 

Every time an expense is added Track Every Coin keeps the event live. You can always see the latest expense shared between participants.


Key features of events:

  • Create your own categories for events. These categories need not be the same as your expense categories
  • Displays pie chart expense distribution against categories
  • Settlement graph in real time – Show each participant’s shares and his/her settlement


In the above graph you can see that a mouse hover on any part of the graph will display the actual value. Here Loy’s share is 35000 and he pays 35000. It shows that he has not spent anything on the trip.

Completing an event:

Once the event is complete, the moderator of the event will click on “Finish” button. This button is visible only to the event moderator. This operation will mark the event as finished, i.e. none of the participants will be allowed to add any more expenses and Track Every Coin will send an email to all participants with the final settlement email.

Event finished

Below is the sample email format that gets sent to everyone.


 Keeping tab on expenses on a trip is now very easy and transparent. Let us know your feedback on this feature.

We enjoyed bringing this to you, hope you like this feature and find it useful on your trips too!

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Social Networking of Money!

Posted on 01 January 2011 by Vikram

With the start of a new year we are happy to announce our most exciting feature called the “Social Networking of Money”.

So what do we mean by social networking of money?

Imagine you go out with your friends and share some drinks. One person pays for it and others are to pay back later. We have all been there, done that – it gets increasingly harder to followup with friends on the money they owe you. Here is how Track Every Coin makes it simple for you and your friend…

Step 1:

After you login to your account, click on “Contacts” tab on the right corner of the screen (just below today’s date)

Step 2:

In the contacts tab, add your contact by adding his/her name and email address…

On clicking “Add”, the system will add your friend and send an invite automatically if the “Send an invite” is selected.

After adding your friend, he/she is added to your contacts list…

The “invite” button on the grid disappears after your friend has accepted the invitation. If your contact has not accepted the invite yet, you can send a reminder by clicking on the “Invite” button.

Step 3:

Upon adding someone in your network, you can quickly share expense against them…

After you share the expense, an email is automatically sent out to the person you shared the expense with. The expense shows up under his/her “I Owe” block and you can track it under your “Who owes me” block.

Who owes me

This networking feature is a hassle free way of sharing expenses with friends.

So now with Track Every Coin, you can not only track your own expenses but also split bills with friends.

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